School for Conservation of Natural Resources

Centre for ISM Informatics and Theoretical Foundations

The use of Information Technology for processing the vast and rich Materia Medica of traditional systems of medicine was pioneered by IAIM-FRLHT in 1995. This is an innovative program for the modernization of Indian systems of medicine in order to improve access, for a variety of research purposes. IAIM-FRLHT has developed the nation’s most comprehensive, multi-disciplinary databases on flora, fauna, metals and minerals of traditional Materia Medica. Data from primary texts over the period 1500 BC to 1900 AD have been systematically computerized to easily store and retrieve information on nomenclature, trade, distribution, Indian system of medicine, pharmacognosy and pharmacology. These databases have 68, 000 plant names in 32 languages & 16000 plant images.