School of Educational Innovation

This school has the mandate to design and develop innovative educational programs ranging from formal UG, PG and Doctoral programs to E-learning courses for a variety of learners interested in Indian medical heritage. The content of the courses may range from good clinical practice to pharmacogonosy and from bio-statistics and conservation biology to Ayurvedic nutrition and Ayurvedic veterinary practice. The school is also expected to conceive and develop strategic outreach programs on a size and scale that can have social impact.

Centre for Educational Innovation

This centre is mandated to collaborate with all the other centers in IAIM and reputed universities, research institutions in India and abroad, to design, develop and implement innovative undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs as well as short term and distance learning courses on the multi-disciplinary dimensions of India’s medical heritage. It has thus far organized training programs for medical college teachers, doctors, folk-healers, therapists, school-children, and foresters.

In 2009, it has initiated a Phd program on trans-disciplinary research


 Current Activities