School for Conservation of Natural Resources

Repository for Medicinal Resources (Flora, Fauna, Metals & Minerals)

With the growing global interest in traditional and complementary systems of medicine it is essential for India to establish an authentic national repository of all the natural resources used by the Indian systems of medicine. IAIM-FRLHT pioneered in 1995, the establishment of the first internationally accredited herbarium (botanical repository) of the medicinal plants of India. At the end of 2009 the Herbarium has collected around 70% of the medicinal plants used by the codified Indian systems of medicine. It will expand and deepen this work and add the repositories of fauna and metals and minerals used by Indian systems of medicine. The centre is currently engaged in research, training and outreach related to the identity, geographical distribution, and taxonomy of botanical resources used by Indian medical heritage. There is also a scope in future for diversifying the botanical, geological and zoological repository into a chemical and cell repository.


 Current Activities