School of Trans-disciplinary Studies

This school is mandated to explore the relationship of the basic natural and social sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, sociology and history with Ayurveda. It has four centers as outlined below.

Centre for Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology

From 2000 to 2009, the centre has built up laboratories for phyto-chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, bio-assays and product development. The centre is engaged in research, training and outreach related to the interface between Traditional Knowledge and Science. It is certified under ISO 9001:2000. The objectives of this Centre are to trans-disciplinary research on demonstrating the contemporary relevance of Traditional Pharmacognosy (Dravyaguna Shastra) and Pharmaceutics (Baishajya Kalpana).

The significant Contribution made by traditional & Complementary Medicines to human health has led to increased popular, official and commercial interest, globally. Both State & Central governments in India are formulating policies to regulate the use of Traditional Medicines (TM). TM like any other medicines will only benefit the health of human beings when used appropriately. Research, quality control and Standardisation of TM are essential to achieve this and to merit their acceptability in today’s modern world. Quality evaluation of a raw drug or product begins right from the point of collection of the ingredient up to processing and storage of the final product.

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