Director's Message


I am privileged to get associated with this great institution FRLHT as Director of its new expression I-AIM with effect from June 1, 2011. During the last three months, I could get a good feel of its people, processes and challenges. I am convinced that FRLHT stands on solid foundation established by many dedicated missionaries whose aim is to revitalise Indian medical heritage. In next five years, I-AIM is poised to be a world class institution providing leadership to the sector. This transformation is not easy but we have accepted this challenge in the interest of our country and people. I will need some more time to understand nuances of the organizational eco-system. Already, an experienced Change Management Consultant is working on organizational assessment to advice us in evolving new strategies and structures, & to help us achieve our vision and mission. While we are progressing on this challenging road, we will need new processes, systems and discipline. The new governance and organization structure should have clear cut roles and responsibilities of everyone, with measurable deliverables aligned to the specific projects as also towards the institution.

As Director, I will try to ensure that transparent, professional and participatory governance is adopted and practised. I anticipate that a fair amount of time will go in travel and out-of-campus meetings. I wish to spend quality time in developmental, academic and research related activities. I will be happy to meet staff, students, scientists, vendors etc. for briefings, decisions or advice. I would expect that all important activities, visits, programmes, publications, extensions etc. are briefed well in advance so that we are better prepared. My office will be open to all for any urgent work.

FRLHT has already contributed significantly in literary work, conservation, database development, landscaping, LHTs, pharmacognosy and medicinal plants. Its outreach has been fairly impressive. Now we wish to promote ‘Shastra for Science’ approach and strengthen research, education and innovation, creating high impact and improved visibility among peers and people internationally. I-AIM’s new integrative hospital will make us proud as it shall be a unique destination. I will soon call for an assembly where we can have dialogue and exchange ideas for the road ahead – particularly the next five years. We will need to adopt new and robust work culture. We will make this campus more beautiful, efficient, safer and vibrant where working will be satisfying and filled with fun.

Soon you will hear about a few activities which will include structured meetings at various levels to improve inter-staff communication, Newsletter to improve an external interface as well as sports and cultural activities. We have finalized motto line and new logo for I-AIM as you see on this website. In this process of development, we will have to infuse new blood in the organization. I want to see many more young students, researchers and staff on board as a young leadership team. I am looking for volunteers to shoulder all such activities and responsibilities.

Finally, I wish to appreciate and acknowledge significant contributions of my predecessors Prof.Bhushan Patwardhan, D.K. Ved and Darshan Shankar who, together with colleagues, have built and strengthened the FRLHT over the last 17 years. I must also gratefully acknowledge the active guidance and support from members of the Governing Council, advisors, well-wishers and various funding agencies, especially the Tata Trust. The visionary leadership of our Chairman, Dr Sam Pitroda, gives not only strength and confidence but also empowers us to dare to aim high and raise the quality bar to transform I-AIM into a world class institution, without losing sight of its relevance to our people. I feel confident of contributing meaningfully, thanks to dedicated and supportive colleagues like you.

Let’s Revitalize Indian Medical Heritage together!

Best wishes,
Dr.Padma Venkat